Hello everyone,

As a part of working in the restoration business, we travel around to various shows during the summer months to promote ourselves, meet you awesome folks and drum up some new business.

This weekend (August 18-24) we’ll be heading for MoparFest in New Hamburg, Ontario. It’s our last show of the season, and we sincerely appreciate all the support you guys have shown us this year and in previous years, so thank you!

Unfortunately due to our limited staff, we’re unable to fulfill orders when we are out at the shows. We’ll be fulfilling all outstanding orders as soon as we get back. Thank you for your patience.

Carlisle all Chrysler Nationals in Pensylvania, The Mopar Nats in Ohio and now MoparFest! It’s all gone by too quickly! We’re truly excited to get cracking on all the customer jobs we have in the shop, as well as to co continue offering you guys the circuit boards, dash decals and other restoration parts you need for DIY.

Take care, and as always… Mopar or No Car!